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Backcountry Rookies | Gear Reviews with Gabe Gerrish of Backwoods Pursuit

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Backcountry Rookies western hunting podcast, Chad talks with Gabe Gerrish of Backwoods Pursuit about testing backcountry hunting gear.

Episode Notes

Chad has on Gabe Gerrish who created Backwoods Pursuit in order to put backcountry hunting equipment to the test and have a platform to share the results with other hunters. Gabe compares and tests gear and then blogs, writes articles and recently started producing YouTube videos to show his results. Most recently Gabe completed a series of reviews where he tested and compared shelters, sleeping bags/quilts, sleeping pads and backcountry pillows. Chad and Gabe talk about all of these products and then dive into Gabe’s pack to see what he carries with him when he hits the backcountry. For unsponsored and unbiased gear reviews, check out Gabe’s content at the following locations:

Gabe Gerrish
Backwoods Pursuit
Instagram - @backwoodspursuit24_7
Facebook – Backwoods Pursuit
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Chad Ryker
Backcountry Rookies
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Instagram - @backcountryrookies
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