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Sahn Outdoors - Thompson Long Range with Scott Thompson

Episode Summary

On this episode, Scott breaks down some of the basics of getting started in long range shooting.

Episode Notes

Scott Thompson was born and raised in Logan, UT. He’s a Mule Deer fanatic, and has been very successful at hunting them over the years. He’s also a part of the family business, Thompson Long Range.

Scott’s father Mark, started Thompson Long Range in the early 90’s. He’s always been looking for ways to stretch his rifles, and shoot longer distances.
Thompson Long Range holds a shooting course, from April to August each year, and teach people how to put a rifle together, mount a scope, learn ballistics, and load development. Then they head out to the range, and help each of their students learn the fundamentals of shooting their rifles out to 1,000 yards.

On this episode, Scott breaks down some of the basics of getting started in long range shooting. He say’s that even though you don’t necessarily want to be shooting animals at 1,000+ yards, it’s more effective as a hunter, to be practiced and comfortable at longer ranges. That will in turn, make you more accurate at closer ranges. He touches on several more tips throughout the conversation, so don’t miss a second!

If you’ve ever been even the slightest bit interested in learning to shoot long range, listen to this episode, and check out more information below.
We’re heading up to take a course ourselves, in just a few weeks, on June 8th. Call Scott today, and get yourself signed up for a course!

Instagram: @scotty_thomps
YouTube: Thompson Long Range
Facebook: Thompson Long Range
Phone: 1(800)584-4079
Address: 390 W 1700 S
Logan, UT 84321

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