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Backcountry Rookies | Kong Valley Collective with Christian Armstrong

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Backcountry Rookies hunting podcast, Chad talks with Christian Armstrong of Kong Valley Collective about mentoring new hunters, mental toughness, and setting goals.

Episode Notes

Chad and Christian talk about the creation of Kong Valley Collective and where they plan to take their initiative. The two talk about the similarities between the mission of Backcountry Rookies and Kong Valley. They dive into mentorship of new hunters and creating a positive environment for new hunters to be a part of. Christian goes into detail about overcoming adversity and having mental toughness. Some years you get the goal you set out for and some years you find yourself eating "Tag Soup". Enjoy this show, I think you will find these two groups have a long and bountiful path ahead of both of them.

Christian Armstrong

Chad Ryker
Backcountry Rookies
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