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Sahn Outdoors - Shed Hunting and More with Jace Guymon

Episode Summary

On this episode, the guys from Sahn talk with Jace Guymon, a man who eats , sleeps, and breaths all things hunting.

Episode Notes

Jace “The Machine” Guymon is one-of-a-kind! He eats, sleeps, breathes all things hunting!

McCade had the opportunity to meet Jace the fall of 2016, when he had an archery elk tag in Utah. Jace had never met McCade before, but invited him to tag along while he checked some trail cameras. He told McCade to bring his bow. The next day, Jace helped McCade bone-out and pack-out the 6x6 bull he was able to harvest. Jace showed his true colors, and was all smiles the entire day!

Follow Jace’s instagram account, and you’ll see that he’s no stranger to finding big bucks and bulls. Not only can he find animals, but he puts hunters on them and talks the hunter through the process of successfully harvesting these critters! He also has a healthy shed pile, and has the worn out boots to prove it!

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