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Hard Working Hunter | Elk Hunting and Mountain Fitness

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Hard Working Hunter, Zach is joined by Steven Dahn and Courtny LeVesque from Elevation Fitness to share elk hunting stories and discuss the details of their fitness program.

Episode Notes

Steven Dahn is my main guest on todays show! I say main guest because his partner in crime Courtny LeVesque makes an appearance as well! Steven and Courtney run a fitness program called Elevation Fitness training. This program is designed to help people get outdoors and become more prepared for the mountain hunting lifestyle.

Steven and I turn this podcast into story time. Steven starts off with a couple amazing elk hunting experiences and I add to them with elk stories of my own. Then Steven shares his goal of finally taking a black tail buck they have been after for a few years. If you like elk stories this podcast is for you! ​