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Transition Wild | Archery Antelope Hunting with John Mulligan

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Transition Wild western hunting podcast, Adam chats with John Mulligan about hunting antelope in Montana.

Episode Notes

A pronghorn hunt has been on my bucket list for years. On today’s show, I’m joined by John Mulligan where he covers his past two years of hunting in Montana, chasing speed goats with a bow. Topics covered during our discussion include tactics for spot and stalk and how to increase your odds when making the decision to pursue an animal. John also shares his tips for finding public land areas and planning driving routes prior to hunt to cover the maximum amount of land as possible.

We discuss why antelope hunting is an ideal first western hunt for someone who is used to hunting whitetails in Iowa. A Montana archery non-resident pronghorn hunting license is only around $300 and you don’t need all of the crazy mountain gear that is usually required for high country elk in the mountains. He explains that this type of hunting really prepares you for other western hunting styles because all of the antelope hunting takes place on the ground and you get a lot of spot and stalk experience in a very short amount of time.

John has a serious knack for portraying the hunt and story through photographs and video. Make sure you check out “The Last Arrow”, a short film that he put together which entails his exciting 2018 Montana antelope hunt where everything comes down to the final day: For more information on John’s hunting show and podcast, please visit