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Sahn Outdoors - Austin Legg of Eberlestock

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On this episode, the Sahn Outdoors crew has an in-depth discussion about hunting backpacks with Austin Legg of Eberlestock.

Episode Notes

Austin Legg - Backcountry Hunter, World Traveler, Husband/Dad, Marketing Guru at Eberlestock, Bigfoot Believer, and Guinness World Record Holder (check out the video, linked below).
*As taken from @austin.legg on Instagram

Austin is from Boise, Idaho. After earning his Masters of Business, Austin was hired at Eberlestock, to be the Sales Director. That was pretty short lived, and he changed positions to his current role, as Marketing Director.

Glen Eberlestock, the founder of the Eberlestock Brand, was an Olympian that competed in the biathlon. He recognized a need for a lighter-weight rifle stock, that was still durable. He started making rifle stocks, and drastically changed the times that the Americans competing in the Biathlon events.

Later in life, after a career in the military, Glen recognized a need for a better way to carry a rifle, attached to a backpack, while hunting. He also felt a need to develop some tactical packs for the military, after September 11, 2001.
Currently, Eberlestock’s business is roughly 50% hunting packs and 50% tactical packs.

Eberlestock makes “The Legos of Backpacks,” as Ian calls them. You may be familiar with some of their older packs, such as the the Dragonfly and Blue Widow packs. They were built bombproof, but as with such durable materials, they came with some of the additional weight.

Eberlestock has since brainstormed, engineered, tested, and repeated the whole process countless times since. Today, they have created some incredible, lightweight packs, that are super customizable and durable!

We (The guys at SAHN OUTDOORS) have been running Eberlestock pack systems now for a couple of years. We have successfully packed out numerous animals, our hunting camps miles into and out of the backcountry, and countless other items on our outdoor outings.

For more information on any of the Eberlestock packs, apparel, or their other products, feel free to reach out to Austin directly. He’s happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Austin Legg:
Instagram: @austin.legg
Vidoe of Austin’s Wold Record:

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Address: 2900 W Main St., Boise, ID

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