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Transition Wild | Archery Elk Hunt Recap with Garrett Roe

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Transition Wild Hunting podcast, Adam talks with returning guest about his 2018 archery elk hunt in Colorado.

Episode Notes

Today we have another returning guest, Garrett Roe where we talk about his 2018 archery elk hunt in Colorado. We cover everything from drawing the tag, to his August scouting trip, to the heart pounding encounters over the two weeks he spent in the mountains. Even though this hunt took place in a draw unit on public land, Garrett quickly realized that the hunting pressure and the elusiveness of elk remained just as high as OTC units. His determination and will to find and kill an elk with a bow on the final days is admirable, and he tells a cool story of the ultimate grind.

In this podcast we also talk about the many blown attempts and close opportunities that slipped through his fingers, as well as the final moments of a bull closing in and taking the shot. After many years of waiting and getting pushed back from point creep, he was able to fulfill a 15 year dream of taking a bull in Colorado. Garrett Roe is the owner of Heads Up Decoy, a maker of portable lightweight decoys for deer, elk, turkey, moose, and pronghorn. To find out more information on all of their products, please visit: