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Sahn Outdoors - Untamed Images with Jason Loftus

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Sahn Outdoors podcast, the Sahn crew is joined by wildlife photographer Jason Loftus of Untamed Images to discuss his passion for the outdoors.

Episode Notes

With a quick scroll through Jason’s instagram page, one can quickly tell two things: One, Jason is passionate about Wildlife, and two, he’s passionate about capturing and preserving moments he spends with wildlife, with his camera!

We’ve been following Jason on social media for a couple of years now. He is super talented in his trade, and has shot A TON of incredible wildlife photos. He’s been an inspiration to us, to pack our cameras, and focus a little more of our efforts on preserving memories and shooting wildlife with something other than our weapons.

If photography, and even more specifically, wildlife photography interests you, give this episode a listen. We hope that you’ll gain some insight into how to improve your own photography… Take some notes, get out there with whatever camera you have, and shoot! The only way to get better is to practice!!

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