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Sahn Outdoors - Coyote Hunting with Hidden Instinct

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Sahn Outdoors hunting podcast, the Sahn crew chats with the guys from Hidden Instinct about coyote hunting.

Episode Notes

The SAHN Crew had the opportunity of a lifetime, when they sat down and picked the brains of Garrett Carr and Micah Fey, of Hidden Instinct. Micah and Garrett are coyote killing machines. To say that they are passionate about coyote hunting, would be a major understatement! They’ve been friends for years, and a few years ago, decided to start sharing their passions for hunting coyotes… Thus Hidden Instinct was born.

With over 180 videos on YouTube, and nearly 29K subscribers, they are CRUSHING the world of filmed coyote hunts. Garrett and Micah recently wrapped up a Coyote Tour, where they set the goal to kill 100 coyotes in a mere 30 days!! If you’ve ever hunted coyotes, you understand how challenging that goal can really be. We won’t ruin it for you, so you’ll have to subscribe to their YouTube Channel and see for yourself, if they met their goal or not!

You’ll be sure to earn a little bit about coyote hunting, and have some of your basic questions are answered in this podcast. We cannot thank Garrett and Micah enough, for their willingness to share some tips and tactics, and for sharing their way-of-life with us! We’re fired up after this podcast, and hope that you’re just as ready as we are, to get out and dump some coyotes!!

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