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Transition Wild - Backcountry Photography with Charlie Williams

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Transition Wild podcast, Adam chats with returning guest Charlie Williams on backcountry hunting photography.

Episode Notes

Today I talk with my good buddy and returning guest Charlie Williams on backcountry hunting photography. Charlie is a self-taught photographer and does freelance work across the country for waterfowl, elk, and whitetail deer. We talk about the importance of telling the full story of the hunt through photos and how Charlie mixes things up with a variety of shots to portray different emotions. We discuss his younger years of getting started and what made him dive head first into a full-fledge addiction behind the lens.

Charlie walks us through how he plans and sets up his photos to obtain a certain style and how everything is situation dependent depending on the environment or activity. We then talk about photography gear necessities for the backcountry and a couple options for “point and shoot” and DSLR cameras based on your needs. Lastly, we cover the current trend of social media and how we as hunters can do a better job to portray hunting in a positive light so that our heritage resonates well with the non-hunting public.

For more info on Charlie Williams and his recent photography work, check out his photo blog at