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Hard Working Hunter | Alaska DIY Hunts with Abe henderson

Episode Summary

On this episode we chat with Abe Henderson, an outdoor enthusiastic and avid hunter, about a do-it-yourself guide he created to help those who have questions about hunting Alaska.

Episode Notes

Abe Henderson and I sat down and had a great conversation! Abe is a guide here in Alaska and very enthusiastic about the outdoors and trying new hunts. In fact he just came out with a Do It Yourself guide to help any uncertain person get started about planning a hunt in Alaska! His program is called Alaska DIY and we go into detail about this project and what he has to offer.

It had been a while since Abe and I had caught up and this conversation takes many turns. At one point we go over Abe’s favorite wild game recipe and talk in depth on how to make it. Somehow waterfowl hunting is brought up and we each share a good duck hunting story. Feelings come out about guiding and how some people like it and some don’t. And i relate my Arizona coues deer hunt to a new hunt on kodiak. This is great podcast and Abe made a great first guest!