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Sahn Outdoors | MDF, Antelope Island, & The Hunt Expo with "Big Jer"

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Sahn Outdoors hunting podcast, McCade and Zach sit down with good friend "Big Jer" to discuss the Mule Deer Foundation and much more.

Episode Notes

McCade and Zach had the chance to sit down with good friend, Big Jer’ and discuss the Mule Deer Foundation.

Big Jer’ is one of those guys that you just can’t help but like! He’s passionate about hunting, outdoor cooking, and making friends. He’s very involved with the Mule Deer Foundation, SFW, and other organizations, dedicated to the preservation of wild game.

They talk about the history of the MDF, why Mule Deer numbers are decreasing, the projects and efforts of preservation that MDF volunteers are involved in, and how you can get involved.

They also discuss the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo, and the controversial hunting tags that can be applied for exclusively at the Hunt Expo.

Enjoy the podcast, learn a thing or two about how you can help Mule Deer, become a member of the MDF, and be active in the preservation and conservation of an animal that you enjoy hunting. The success of the Mule Deer is dependent on us!

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