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Transition Wild | 2018 Colorado Archery Bull with Drew Rouse

Episode Summary

On today's Transition Wild podcast, Adam chats with Drew Rouse of Reel Game Calls about the details of his 2018 Colorado elk hunt.

Episode Notes

Today we have another returning guest, Drew Rouse of Reel Game Calls, where he shares the details of his 2018 elk hunt where he was able to kill a smoker bull elk on public land in Colorado. We discuss the events leading up to the hunt, drawing a unit 61 tag, and the scouting preparation for this particular unit. Drew also talks about the number of encounters he had while testing “yet to be released” calls and how much fun he had interacting with so many elk.

We also discuss the current state of elk hunting in Colorado and what Drew is doing for the future of elk by starting a non-profit to help support our local elk herds. The discussion also dives into environmental impacts and how things like a drought, cattle grazing, predator management, and backcountry recreation impact them and what we can do to further educate the public on these issues.

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