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Transition Wild | Archery and Rifle Elk Tactics with Cliff Gray

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Transition Wild podcast, Adam talks with returning guest Cliff Gray of Flat Tops Wilderness Guides as they discuss elk hunt strategy and tactics.

Episode Notes

Today we have our first returning guest on the Transition Wild podcast where we are joined by Cliff Gray of Flat Tops Wilderness Guides. As someone who has guided hunters on OTC public land units for many years, Cliff really knows his stuff when it comes to finding and killing pressured elk. Some of the specific topics of discussion we get into include the moon phase and if it matters, dry conditions for 2018 and how it will affect elk concentration, and what to do during the middle of the day if the action is slow.

With archery season in full swing, he shares his tactics and tips for hunting during the middle part of September as well as the rut. We then dive into all four elk rifle seasons in Colorado where Cliff provides a synopsis of what he does to be successful during each time period of October through November. Most importantly, he breaks down the factors that cause elk to move (or not to move) and how you can plan your hunting strategy accordingly.

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